GROWTH & INCLUSION · 1/17/2021

The Danjaye Seal

You got here by clicking one of the Danjaye Seals scattered throughout the web. That means the website that you just visited was officially created by Danjaye. So, congratulations on finding that site. And clicking on the thing.


The general concept behind this idea is that I can spread my fingerprint around the Internet in a simple way. I'm planning on doing the same thing for partnerships, rather than situating them at the footer. However, I'm not quite sure, because who really knows what will happen in the future.

You can't go wrong with a tiny rounded black box that sticks on the page when you scroll down like a UI, possibly interfering with other page elements that the user was trying to use, therefore lowering the probability of them staying on that page longer.


I came up with this idea the same day I'm writing this paragraph, which (for future reference) is 1/17/2021. I was actually trying to make a little question mark icon at the bottom right that would serve as a help center for confused users, after gaining inspiration from companies like Google.

I quickly realized that there was no need for a help center, as this website is just a type of portfolio for personal endeavors. There are no tools to use or ideas to reap. There's just me. So that's how it evolved into setting a little "Danjaye was here" type thing on every page I develop single-handedly.

For more information, check out the Information page.