GENERAL BLOG · 1/17/2021

The info page, because every good site has one

Mainly I just want to say welcome, have a good time, enjoy the drinks, all that. But usually when I try to say that, it doesn't quite work out. At least not in my mind.

So I'll just kick this off with a simple greeting/explanation type thing. Welcome to Danjaye's official, not-well-known, portfolio-type-thing, kinda-for-school-amongst-personal-projects, online, interactive, and stimulating website. The reason he made it was for personal reasons, including the fact that he had got many websites for reasons other than his own. The websites will not be listed here, but feel free to share them to your friends if you're already aware of them.

If you're a developer readily wondering how I made the site, feel free to use the inspect elements and such to view my code. You can also use the portal to mess around with the site's visual elements (and maybe even some JavaScript).

As a side note, I am definitely out for suggestions. If you have a suggestion to make, there will probably (most likely) be a page available here, somewhere.

Contact info

You can contact me using the email [email protected] (for any inquiry, business or otherwise). You could also ask me how's my day been going, but I doubt anyone will. :(

You could also become a patron to avoid hassles B)

So. You're probably wondering who I am, etc. Well, let me answer these questions immediately, using the power of an unordered list:

  • I like making websites occasionally, using HTML, CSS, and JS (yes, I know how to code, impressive huh)

  • I write stories sometimes that use a stunning range of vocabulary and enticement, along with proper structuring

  • I make animations (not really) about different things, and alternate between 3D, CGI-type things and traditional animation (drawing each frame individually)

  • I play one heck of a lot of Minecraft, since there isn't much else to do these days, with my friends on my SMP

  • I enjoy engaging in thought-provoking discussions online, and I also enjoy watching them (mainly watching)

  • Last but not least, I do have some musical profession (nope) and create songs occasionally using Chrome's Music Lab

As you can tell, I'm very qualified to do stuff. That's why you should consider supporting me on Patreon (or something like that). If you ever want to invite me to a server or something, or talk for any reason, you can shoot me a message. See my contact information above.

As an excuse for not uploading videos more often to my YouTube channel, I'll list a whole ton of reasons below for some things that happen around here.

Are you lazy?

The truth is, I am incredibly lazy. Especially when it comes to things like making websites and such. Sometimes (very rarely) I get the motivation to do it, and I get the basic structure done so that my lazy self can later finish it up without even trying all that much. Even as I write, I'm actually just typing in a pre-organized, formatted thing that's all ready for me. By me. Man, I'm so thoughtful.

The laziness involved is enough to stop me from making videos and stuff like that, which sucks in its own way. But in another way, it also provides insight as to why you would spend your time watching my questionable content. Although I appreciate the gesture.

Why don't you upload?

It's not that I'm busy or anything, it's just that videos are kinda difficult to make, because content is... well, it's a whole story, but there will be more videos soon. Like I've promised the last five years.

But hey, it's not all bad. I've added a few videos here and there, like the animation about Greyberet and Nomless...

Data management

I didn't have anywhere else to put this, and was too lazy to create another post because of several drawbacks that could cause.

You are not getting tracked. You are not getting logged. Your actions aren't monitored, at least not by me. If my hosting service, , decides to monitor you somehow, I'm not behind the wheel. I believe in user security and control, where the person using the webpage, app, or otherwise has the most power.

I know what it feels like to not be able to trust something, or someone, but I promise you— I'll provide the most security I can for you. Genuinely.

More content coming soon